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About Me
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On this page I will provide a brief bio and will continually update all of my information as it evolves.


Ken Bragg's Natural Bodybuilding

My Bio

I have been training with weights for 23 years; I started when I was very young. I have always tried to lift as consistenly as possible so that I could add more muscle mass with each passing year. This was not always easy especially the 6 years that I was in the Army on active duty.

Lifting very heavy is the norm for me; I enjoy the challenge. On rare occasions I do some light work but it is the crushingly heavy iron for which I yearn. I believe that it requires heavy weight training to build mass; particularly at the novice stage.
I am a certified personal trainer and have a Bachelor of Science Degree.

I train at Complete Fitness in Pittsburgh, PA. They sponsor me by taking care of my supplement needs every month, providing me with free tanning, and additional support as is needed.

I host a local weekly workout TV show, Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness, on Adelphia Cable in Pittsburgh, PA. This show pertains to the novice as well as the advanced bodybuilder. I use this venue to teach on various aspects of bodybuilding, health, nutrition, etc.